> Philadelphia Film Festival
After spending hours reading the program guide from cover to cover, I have compiled this list of screenings and events I’m going to try to get to at this year’s Philadelphia Film Festival. I’ve worked out a schedule which—on top of the regular 40 hour work week—would be physically possible, but it’s improbable that I’ll actually make it to everything. It should be noted that there were a lot of other films I wanted to see that I couldn’t fit into this schedule.
Friday, April 4 8:30 PM Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
11:00 PM The Good Old Naughty Days
Saturday, April 5 2:30 PM Winged Migration
5:30 PM Beyond Re-Animator
10:00 PM 48 Hour Film Project Winners
Sunday, April 6 2:30 PM Spellbound
5:00 PM Curious Cartoons
7:45 PM Hukkle
10:00 PM Dark Water
Monday, April 7 7:00 PM Trinity
10:00 PM Mutant Action
Tuesday, April 8 7:30 PM Fuehrer Ex
9:30 PM Missing Allen: The Man Who Became a Camera
Wednesday, April 9 5:15 PM Cinemania
8:30 PM Outdoor Films Sitting on Broad Street
9:30 PM A Certain Kind of Death
Thursday, April 10 7:45 PM Swing
10:00 PM Aragami
Friday, April 11 10:00 PM 2LDK
Saturday, April 12 4:15 PM Animators Anonymous: The Best and Brightest
5:15 PM Digital Stories for a Digital World
9:00 PM Adult Swim: The Animator’s Ball
Sunday, April 13 12:00 PM Ghost River
4:00 PM The Adult Swim Roundtable
5:30 PM Hard Word
Monday, April 14 9:30 PM Puppetmania
Tuesday, April 15 7:15 PM The War Effort
Wednesday, April 16 7:00 PM Laurel Canyon > Philadelphia Film Festival