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rob weychert
featured project

Selected pieces advertising CDNOW's legacy: a postcard to draw SXSW conference-goers to the affiliate program, and a magazine ad encouraging Yapa readers to visit the site.

CDNOW PromotionsTravel Flyers
My favorite professor from college arranges and guides art & culture tours abroad each summer; I design the self-mailers that promote his trips to prospective tourists.

CDNOW BannersFright X Magazine
The self-proclaimed "googolplex of clashing culture" was in print from 1995-2000. These are a two band interview spreads I did for the magazine, one for Mr. Bungle and one for GWAR.

CDNOW / Hard RockSuzanne Westenhoefer
A one-color poster promoting the outwardly lesbian comedienne's performance at Kutztown University.

BREDSTIK EntertainmentZaly
Begun with my friend Matt in the summer of 1998, Zaly initially begun as a sattire on all that is laughable in the world of zine-making, but soon turned into a canvas for literary and design experiments.