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rob weychert

5/30/2002 11:48:26 AM EST

I’d swear it used to be possible to provide a direct link to a wish list on CDNOW... Whether or not that’s true, it doesn't seem to be possible now, and Insound doesn’t have a wish list feature, so I’ve moved the whole thing over to Amazon. Anyway, my birthday is next week, so go buy me stuff.

5/26/2002 11:13:42 AM EST

The bad news: Tuesday’s Mogwai show in Brooklyn sold out before I could get tickets. Although I bet if I stuck my head out my window, I would’ve been able to hear the show. (Mind you, I live about 100 miles from Brooklyn.)

The okay news: The Fucking Champs' V is pretty much exactly what you expected.

The good news: The new Oxes album roxxes.

5/21/2002 01:52:25 PM EST

My Def Leppard Pyromania cassette is about fifteen years old now and barely plays anymore, so I finally replaced it on CD. The CD liner notes actually have the lyrics this time and I was astonished to discover that many of the lyrics I’ve been singing all these years were wrong. For example, right before the first bridge in “Photograph,” I always figured he was saying “Phrenology is a farce to me.” Turns out it’s, “So wild, so free, so far from me.” Go figure.

5/20/2002 12:36:32 PM EST

I finally saw Miller’s Crossing this weekend; it was the last of the Coen brothers’ films I hadn’t seen. It is now nearly my favorite (Fargo still refuses to give up the title).

5/17/2002 12:46:02 PM EST

It’s a three movie week.

Spiderman was pretty fun; it’s rare these days for a movie to have an acceptable excuse to be that hokey. Bruce Campbell and Randy “Macho Man” Savage cameos were the highlights for me. I do think people are getting a little too worked up over the movie, though.

Y Tu Mama Tambien was very well-done. Strong characters, interesting commentary on Mexico’s socio-economic innards, and a commendably frank and honest sexuality.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones...worth the price of admission for the Yoda/Dooku battle alone (could Christopher Lee be any cooler?), but you could skip the first 90 minutes or so. Get dinner or something.

5/12/2002 12:26:02 AM EST

I have returned from Ireland in one piece. Details and photos should be up within a few days, but I see that the Resident Evil redux for GameCube arrived in my absence, so don’t hold your breath.

5/6/2002 04:21:51 PM EST

I’m in Dublin today and tomorrow and this cyber cafe ain’t cheap, so I’ll just briefly say that the trip is going well, I’ll be back in the States this weekend, and I’ll be putting together a micro-site detailing the trip then.

5/2/2002 05:59:47 PM EST

A quick link before I’m off: my illustrator friend Jim Horwat launched his site today. He has a slick style all his own; go check it out.

5/2/2002 03:42:23 PM EST

Tomorrow afternoon I leave for a week in Ireland with the fam, armed with a stack of Irish literature for the many hours destined to be spent on planes and in cars. Luckily, the Transportation Security Administration issued their new list of items banned from carry-on luggage just in time, so I can feel safe knowing that no one carrying a spear gun will be allowed on the plane.

My iBook will be sitting this trip out, but the digital camera is coming (naturally), and hopefully I’ll have access to some internet cafes or something to update the site with news while I’m there. One way or another, the trip will be well-documented.

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